Moab Artists

Page Holland  & Sunnie Sheff

Mother and Daughter

Sunnie Holland Sheff

Born and raised in the small town of Moab, Utah, art has always been one of my many passions. After completing high school I attended Westminster College of Salt Lake City Utah and four years later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. After college I took up the trade of a professional picture framer. Now I continue my career in the arts staying busy with computer graphics, tipi painting, oil painting, and professional framing. My artwork reflects my fascination with the surrounding area of Moab.

The vast desert, the roaring river, and the towering mountains keep me forever curious. My style is to capture the moment by letting the paint, crayon, or chalk move freely creating emotion and enhancing the mood of the subject. All paintings and drawings are recreations from my life experiences. I am blessed with the opportunity to venture out into the wilderness often, either by horseback, on rafts, motorcycle, or foot. The solitude combined with the extreme conditions of the Southeastern Utah desert make for an incredibly humbling experience. I often use photographs for reference, however each piece is mostly created from a memory


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